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You may be under the impression that occasionally adding antifreeze and water to your radiator to replace evaporated fluid is all the maintenance your vehicle’s cooling system needs. This is not the case. Like all vehicle components, the cooling system needs preventive maintenance. This important service is called a coolant flush. Your engine relies on a steady flow of antifreeze to keep it at optimal operating temperature. Your car’s cooling system is what protects it from temperature extremes so it will run as reliably in subzero temperatures and in triple-digit temperatures as it does on a summer day. Even if you live in an area not typically subject to extreme temperatures, your vehicle’s cooling system still needs regular service to keep your engine operating as intended.

Without proper cooling, your car will burn itself up, and this will lead to some costly repairs. Learn about a coolant system flush, and why to add it to your maintenance today. 

When does my car cooling system need service?


One obvious sign your vehicle is due for a coolant flush is the “low coolant” light illuminating on your dashboard. Another sign is your vehicle is overheating. This occurs when deposits in the cooling system interfere with the steady flow of antifreeze to your engine. A coolant flush is an important part of preventive maintenance because it removes debris that can clog the lines that carry antifreeze needed to keep your engine cool. If your engine overheats, it’s imperative to have it serviced right away. Driving an overheated car can cause significant, expensive engine damage.

The car cooling system should be checked yearly. Failure to maintain the cooling system can result in overheating, which can cause severe damage to the engine.

Generally, the idler pulleys, tensioner and water pump should always be replaced when the timing belt is replaced.

Why is a coolant flush so important?


There are several key benefits of cooling system service, the most important being it keeps your engine running smoothly and prevents it from overheating and breaking down. More specifically, a cooling system service:

  • Flushes oil buildup, scale, and rust from your system
  • Protects your engine from boiling over in the heat of the summer
  • Protects your engine from freezing up in winter
  • Enhances the longevity of your cooling system by preventing corrosion and rust

Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine the optimal coolant fluid change frequency for your car. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend motorists have their coolant replaced every 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

What is included in the cooling system service?


When you take your vehicle in for a coolant flush, a technician will fill the radiator with a flushing chemical and then turn the car on until it reaches operating temperature. Next, he will open the valve to the cooling system and drain all the old fluid, close the valve, and fill the system with water, then open the valve again and drain the water. This thoroughly cleans (flushes) the system and removes gunk and debris. The technician will then fill the clean system with a mixture of half water and half fresh coolant.

  • The pressure conditions and coolant volume are checked.
  • The radiator cap is checked to ensure it functions and fits correctly.
  • Radiator hoses are checked to ensure they are not worn, cracked or disintegrating.
  • Engine belts are checked.

Are there environmental concerns when performing a cooling system service?


AG Automotive services cooling systems in an environmentally- friendly way. We pump out the existing coolant and properly dispose of the used coolant according to EPA standards. We service the cooling system with a conditioner, which will clean out the system. We then refill the system with new antifreeze, adding a coolant system sealer when recommended. The last step of the process is to purge the system of all air pockets, ensuring that the cooling fans function in a timely manner.

Schedule your coolant system service today. 


Has it been a while since you have taken your vehicle for a coolant flush? Car cooling system service is recommended based on manufacturer’s standards or when needed as determined by our inspection industry standards. Is this a service you’ve yet to pursue for your car? If so, contact us. AG Automotive knows precisely what services your car needs to serve you reliably for years to come.

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