Comprehensive Diesel Maintenance Services 

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Above & Beyond Diesel Maintenance Services 

Above & Beyond Diesel Maintenance is about more than changing the engine oil and fuel filter. It is about servicing the complete drivetrain system, all the vehicle’s fluids, and keeping the emissions systems clean. These regular cleanings to the intake and high-pressure fuel systems will keep build up from occurring. Preventative maintenance for your diesel engine is essential to the safe operation of your vehicle. Planning a maintenance schedule will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs. Giving you the full benefit of a diesel’s lifespan.

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Do not go another day second-guessing the condition of your diesel vehicle. 

A Properly Maintained Diesel Vehicle Will:


A Diesel Vehicle with no Proper Preventative Maintenance Will:

Why is Diesel Preventative Maintenance So Important? 

Preventative maintenance can extend the lifespan of diesel trucks and improve fuel economy (even over 400,000 miles). It helps to maintain performance and power without losing horsepower as you tack on the miles. Preventative maintenance is a key component in protecting your investment. Diesel vehicles are not cheap. Scheduled maintenance will give you the highest number of miles with little need for repairs. Having a full maintenance record will ensure the highest resale value if you ever decide to sale

What does it include?

1. Diesel Particulate filter
2. EGR Cooler system service/cleaning
3. VGT turbo service
4. Diesel engine oil system cleaning/flush
5. Induction/intake system cleaning/service
6. Fuel injection system service/cleaning
7. Glow plug replacement servi


1. Minor service (oil change)
2. Major service (fuel filter, air filter, lube doors/window/hinges, etc.)
3. HVAC system service/cabin air filter
4. Automatic transmission fluid service
5. Brake fluid exchange/service
6. AC refrigerant system service
7. Power steering fluid exchange/service
8. Timing belt replacement
9. Cooling system service
10. Tire rotation service
11. Shocks/strut replacement service
12. Clutch fluid exchange/service
13. Rear differential fluid service
14. Transfer case fluid service
15. Manual transmission fluid service
16. Front differential fluid service
17. Windshield wiper blades
18. Battery connection service and replacement

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