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Although saving substantial fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions is what they are known for, after long hours of operations, Hybrid vehicles require maintenance and minor repairs just as regular gas vehicles do. Don’t believe the myth that routine maintenance and minor repairs are higher on a hybrid than on a regular car. In fact, they may actually be lower. From inspecting your vehicle’s computer with our factory scan tool to measure your hybrid’s health too.


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Don’t go another day second-guessing the condition of your hybrid vehicle. 

A Properly Functioning Hybrid Vehicle Should:

A Hybrid Vehicle That Needs An Inspection:

Why is Hybrid Maintenance So Important? 

With the future of EVs and Hybrids already being here they require getting serviced just like the gas vehicles. Hybrid vehicles include a complex 346 voltage system including an electric motor as well as the traditional gas motor and the Hybrid battery. Letting the maintenance slide on any of these can create costly repairs such as replacing the Hybrid battery, the hybrid motor or other essential components to fail. Here at AG, we go the extra mile to inform you on what the best course of action is to keep your Hybrid vehicle on the road.


What Does it Include?

Our techs here at AG take pride in ensuring that your Hybrid stays on the road for as long as possible. That is why we check the critical parts to a hybrid vehicle and take extra steps in checking the health of your Hybrid battery and any potential issues that could contribute to drivability issues. We also look at the electric motor and gas motor of your vehicle to ensure peak performance and the most fuel mileage saved.


Why Choose AG Auto

AG Automotive is a family owned and operated independent repair facility that puts the customer first. Here at AG, we live and breathe the value of going the extra mile for our customers. With our top-notch team, we are ready to serve you and take care of all your needs! Give us a call and find out for yourself what makes AG different from all others!

“If I could set this review at 15 stars I would. Shawn and the guys were all amazing. They went above and beyond and never gave up on working on cluster no matter what I tried throwing at them. I would HIGHLY recommend them to take care of your vehicle.”
-Brittany Kistler

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Partner with us and we’ll get right to the root of your vehicle’s problem rather than just treat the symptoms!

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We’ll get the job done right and provide a detailed report of the work done, including a list of future repairs to keep in mind.

Never Second-Guess the Condition of your Vehicle

Many auto owners struggle to know if the right work was done the right way on their car. We go the extra mile to help you make informed decisions on the repair and maintenance plan of your vehicle, so you can drive with confidence every time you get behind the wheel. 

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