Now Serving Both Diesel and Gas Customers!

AG Automotive is Branching Out

Over the last 27 years, AG Automotive has strived for excellence in both customer service and vehicle care. With many years of hard work, we have established ourselves as an industry leader for diesel repair in the Portland metro area, and are now ready to expand our area of service to gas-powered vehicles as well. Diesel vehicles have all the same components that a standard gas vehicle has, with the exception of the drivetrain (engine and transmission), with the main difference being that the diesel versions are usually built for larger loads and a heavier vehicle. This means that most of the same skills are already transferable to a gas application.

AG Automotive has taken the utmost care in educating staff on the inner workings of a gas engine, and how to best troubleshoot and care for them. All of our technicians have attended and been certified by automotive training expos, as well as going through rigorous schooling to insure your car will be taken care of.

Maintenance Matters

When you have any kind of vehicle, proper maintenance will increase longevity and comfort immensely. Each vehicle is different, with unique parameters for each of its maintenance options. Whether it’s spark plugs or glow plugs, oil, coolant, brakes, or any other wear items, they all need replacing and will affect the performance of your vehicle dramatically. Knowing all of your vehicle’s specific timings is a challenge, but our team of experts at AG Automotive has all of the tools and information necessary to take great care of your vehicle.

Automotive Experience for Reliable Care

With time comes experience. AG automotive has been in business for over 27 years, and during that time has seen all kinds of automotive troubles. The automotive industry has changed in both parts and practice over this time, and we have spared no expense to stay ahead of the curve in vehicle care. AG Automotive continues to provide clients with the best in customer and vehicle care and has dedicated the business to maintain that standard of excellence in everything we do.

Over the years, the automotive industry has started to transfer focus from simple mechanical parts and processes to more robust and advanced electronically controlled systems. AG Automotive has adapted to the industry and stayed well informed on best practices, proper maintenance, and troubleshooting on the full spectrum of vehicles.

One example of this change is how manufacturers handle the suspension of your vehicle. Even into the mid-90s, the simple leaf spring was the go-to suspension for all manner of trucks. Now, both cars and trucks are seeing fully adjustable systems with gas struts, electromagnetic dampers, and adjustable ride height that can all be changed at the push of a button. AG Automotive has the tools and know-how to handle all of these modern-day complexities, but rest assured that the technology of the past has not been forgotten.

AG Automotive is Here to Serve

With 27 years of experience, AG Automotive is a professional, friendly, and family-owned business that won’t let you down. Check our reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, or Google and see what others have to say. Whether you have a car or truck, and now either gas or diesel, it will be in good hands. Give us a chance and you’ll see why our team is so highly rated. We look forward to meeting you!

Don’t Second-Guess the Condition of Your Vehicle

Many auto owners struggle to know if the right work was done the right way on their car. As a courtesy, we provide digital vehicle inspections and photos so you can quickly and easily see what our experienced, professional technicians are seeing. Overall, we go the extra mile to help you make informed decisions on the repair and maintenance plan of your vehicle, so you can drive with confidence every time you get behind the wheel.