Why to Perform a Diesel Fuel Injection Service | AG Auto

Diesel engines can reach 40%+ efficiency compared to the  only 20% efficiency in gasoline cars. Diesel efficiency makes it much easier to move heavy vehicles and not exude excess fuel in the process. This efficiency is created in most part by the fuel injection system. The most recent advancements in diesel technology have been made in regards to the fuel injection system. It is important to learn when your car might need its system checked out by an expert. 


What is a diesel fuel injection system?


The purpose of a diesel fuel injection system is to deliver fuel to the cylinders of a diesel engine. The quality and type of fuel injection system is key in the performance, emissions, and noise characteristics of the vehicle. The fuel injection system plays an important role in cold-starting your vehicle because it delivers fuel to the glow plugs, initiating combustion. 


The system can be broken down into two components:  


Low pressure components- These pieces deliver fuel from the tank to the fuel injection system safely and reliably. The fuel tank, fuel supply pump and the fuel filter are considered low pressure components. 

High pressure components- These pieces regulate and deliver fuel to the chamber for combustion, creating high pressures in the process. The high pressure pump, fuel injector, fuel injection nozzle, and in some cases an accumulator, are all high pressure components. 


The most significant part of a diesel fuel system: Fuel injector pump


There are four different types of diesel fuel pump injector systems: 

  • Common rail fuel injection pump
    • Individual pump and injector for each cylinder
  • Distributor (rotary) fuel injection pump
    • Combined pump and injector for each cylinder (unit injector type)
  • In-line fuel injection pump
    • One pump serving injectors for several cylinders
  • Distributor injection pump
    • Pumps in a common housing with injectors for each cylinder


Why do I need my diesel fuel system serviced?


Although it is usually unnecessary to replace a fuel injection system preemptively, servicing or replacing it might be worth the time and money in the long run. Some common symptoms of a fuel system that needs to be cleaned or serviced is noticing trouble starting the vehicle or uneven idling, the smell of fuel and poor fuel economy. If left unchecked, these problems can escalate into even bigger ones. It is always a better option to get your vehicle serviced if it is experiencing any of these problems. 


Schedule a fuel injection system diagnostic/service/repair service today!


AG Automotive doesn’t cut corners when it comes to our customers having confidence that their diesel fuel injection system was serviced by the best. Providing this service with exceptional quality means that we check everything: fuel injection pump, high-pressure pipe, injection nozzle, feed pump and fuel filter. We offer diesel fuel injector cleaning services, fuel injector repair and diesel injection pump repair. 


Our service includes:

  • Install fuel flush machine and run flush until all cleaning solution is used
  • Remove and replace fuel filter/s (Check for aftermarket filters and replace if applicable)
  • Add follow up fuel treatment to fuel tank
  • Check fuel transfer pump pressure including under full load condition
  • Clean and test drive
  • Final quality check 
Don’t Second-Guess the Condition of Your Vehicle

Many auto owners struggle to know if the right work was done the right way on their car. As a courtesy, we provide digital vehicle inspections and photos so you can quickly and easily see what our experienced, professional technicians are seeing. Overall, we go the extra mile to help you make informed decisions on the repair and maintenance plan of your vehicle, so you can drive with confidence every time you get behind the wheel.