Why is Your Diesel Blowing White Smoke?

Why is Your Diesel Blowing White Smoke?


Are you worried about your diesel pickup truck blowing white smoke? The cause could be a problem with specific components or systems. It is important to know that your diesel truck can emit either black, white, or blue smoke from the exhaust. The color of the smoke can tell a lot about the performance and running condition of your vehicle. 


Having your truck diagnosed by a certified diesel truck technician is the only way to find the issue. Knowing the condition of your vehicle can keep you from serious trouble down the road. 


If your diesel pickup truck is blowing white smoke, then keep reading to learn the most common causes. 


White smoke while starting the engine


A common reason for white smoke blowing from your vehicle’s exhaust is condensation. Condensation forms when the temperature is low and/or conditions are damp. This can happen inside the exhaust pipes, mufflers, or converter. This can then produce white smoke when you start your vehicle.


Burning transmission fluid


When vacuum modulators have a faulty diaphragm valve, transmission fluid can enter the intake system. An early warning sign will be noticing shifting issues with the automatic transmission system. You will also find that the transmission fluid consumption goes up.


Unburned fuel


Another common reason for your exhaust to blow white smoke is because of unburned fuel. Low compression in the engine cylinders can lead to incomplete engine combustion. What this means is that worn rings and burnt valves can allow the flow of raw fuel.


Leak in the coolant system


A leak in the coolant system causes coolant to pass through the combustion chamber. Usually from a cracked block/head, or a blown head gasket. A damaged head gasket causes the coolant to enter the cylinders and pass through the exhaust. One way to know that you may have a leak in the coolant system is that the vapor will smell sweet.


Contaminated fuel


One of the most common contaminants of fuel is water. This contaminated fuel, upon burning, can generate a steam effect inside the cylinder. 


EGR Cooler


Over time the Exhaust Gas Regulator system collects a heavy amount of carbon and builds heavy deposits in areas it can. A clogged EGR cooler would create restricted power and create white smoke out of your tailpipe.


Any way you look at it, if your diesel engine is smoking white, it is an indicator of a bigger issue. Whether it is big or small, the best course of action is to get it diagnosed by a professional technician. 


If you are experiencing smoke of any color from your diesel engine, call AG Automotive today. Our top-notch team will diagnose your issue, so you can get back on the road.

Don’t Second-Guess the Condition of Your Vehicle

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